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Coaches who didn’t earn a return for next year?

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  • Coaches who didn’t earn a return for next year?

    Any coaches on y’all’s radars not deserving, in your option, of a return next year?

    I’ll start off with Kauffman at PSJA North. He has not been able to get the best out of his teams these last few years. It wasn’t for a lack of talent or athletes.

    Whenever Kauffman’s team ran into a well-coached, disciplined team, it became apparent how unprepared he had his teams. Littleton did a heck of a job with the defense but Kauffman just could not get his offenses to produce consistently.

    For being a previous Offensive Coordinator, it never seemed like Pharr North found their identity on offense. Week after week it was about throwing different things on the field and see what worked. But our teams these last few years were so inconsistent.

    In my opinion, Kauffman has been a letdown even though he came in talking non-stop about bringing back the glory days. These last few years have definitely not been glorious.
    Go Raiders!!!!!