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"Trashing of Coaches and Players"

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  • "Trashing of Coaches and Players"

    In an effort to save me time in giving a warning /infraction, to anyone directly, either breaking or bending the rules lately, as things have been escalating for quite sometime now and progressively been getting out of control in general.

    I /we can't monitor all the time but when I have some down time I will, because I have noticed the trend. As a reminder, you can and should report anyone yourself, doing so.

    I have seldom ever given out warnings, infractions or BANNED anyone but going foward I will, to ANYONE who is using this forum to bash/trash talk coaches and or players and those whom want to use this board to fulfill their personal agendas.

    If you are on the football board, that's what you should be posting about, there is a discussion board for almost everything else. If you want to talk about something else other than football, look for the appropriate board.

    Okay that's it everyone, now have fun talking football and Happy posting!
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    Originally posted by jmdog
    Go Tarpons

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    Automatic 2 week ban on coach/player bashing. 2nd time is a permanent ban.